School’s Back…

Yesterday was Daniel’s first day of 3rd grade!

I just can’t get over how big he is and how different the Intermediate School felt. There is a definite switch to more responsibility on Daniel’s part. Like his new school planner to keep up with assignments. Yikes! J It’s good really, I’m just a momma in denial. 😉

Here he is last year on his first day of 2nd grade:

Luke was not happy at all with the revelation that we were back in school mode. He doesn’t start back until next week, so he didn’t realize that we were back on school schedule.

Like getting up early and dropping Daniel off at school. And what is this, no Wii? {I’m a big meanie that doesn’t allow the Wii during the week when school is going on. … I know} And then when Daddy had to go to work, that just threw it over the edge for him. L

Daddy is not allowed to leave too!!

Little man took quite a while to calm himself down. There was much crying and rolling around on the ground. He finally calmed down and mostly just chilled on the couch watching movies.

He’s still not really happy that the carefree days of summer have passed.

Who could blame him?!?!

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