Seussical week…

It’s been a Dr. Seuss-filled week around here this week. We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday in my classroom all week by reading lots of Dr. Seuss books and doing a few Dr. Seuss activities like these Cat in the Hats:

I love how different they all are. Pre-K artwork is the best. J

Daniel has celebrated all week at school as well. They ate green eggs and ham on Monday and wore silly socks on Tuesday. Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday and he dressed himself.

I thought he looked more cute than wacky. His shirt is inside out and he has 2 different socks and 2 different shoes and his hair is spiky. Although, I think he can pull off that spiky look pretty good.

Thursday was pajama day which was super exciting. J

And today is hat day.

Dan is up at an elementary school reading to a 2nd grade class as I type!  I think we’ve all gotten into the fun this year!

Daniel has enjoyed his week and the kiddos in my class.  I may have had to drink a lot more water this week after reading all of the tongue-twisting books, but  you’ve gotta’ love the rhyming philosophy of Dr. Seuss!

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