Soccer Practice…

Luke loved his first soccer practice. Actually, he was beyond excited all day long to get out there and play soccer. So, I was wrong that it would take him 5 minutes into practice to get excited. He was thrilled beforehand!

Dan’s the coach, so I talked to Luke about being a good listener with Daddy. He informed me that he knew how to listen to a coach just like he did at t-ball and that he loved coaches.

Well, okay then.

His team is adorable. They are all tiny and four and pumped up to be there. All of the parents got good giggles from the sidelines. I can only imagine how cute the actual games will be.

We might, however, have hit a snag in the Dan as coach thing. He was playing Capture the Flag with the boys in the backyard on Friday night and really sprained his ankle. Like he couldn’t walk and we had to take him to Urgent Care because we were almost sure he had broken it. No break, but his ankle is all wrapped up, he’s on crutches and was told to rest with his leg propped up for 3-4 days. So, there is no way he can run around with four year olds playing soccer for a few weeks at least. I’m hoping another Dad can step up and help!

I still can’t believe he got hurt playing with the kids.

I guess we’re getting old {sorry, babe ;)}.

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