Spring has Sprung…

Spring has finally sprung in these parts and we are enjoying it! The boys are doing lots of playing outside and we had a good Spring Break last week. I should blog about that sometime! The bees are back, which does not make me happy, but Daniel keeps reminding me, “we wouldn’t be alive without the bees, Momma!” So… I’m trying to get over it.

I took Daniel to Karate yesterday and it was so nice outside that I sat on a patio right outside of his classroom and read my book. I sat my book down on the table and then picked it up and couldn’t believe how much pollen was there!

It’s kind of hard to tell, but the bottom left corner of the table looks black where my book was. I bet the pollen was an inch thick!

Luke has been picking lots of wildflowers for me lately. He brought several in one day and I put them on the windowsill. Well, the next day he came running in the house all excited with more flowers and exclaimed, “I didn’t know God was going to make any more of these, but he did!” Love it!!

Next, I’ve got to work on getting Spring to spring up on the ol’ blog!

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