I really don’t want to particularly do a blog post about the fact that some guy {or gal} stole my purse from my car… sitting in my driveway… directly beside the room in which I was sleeping.

I don’t want to admit what a super lapse in judgment I had leaving a good chunk of money in my purse… in my unlocked car.

And I don’t want to think about getting up and discovering what had happened and feeling a major vulnerability knowing all of my personal belongings from my purse were strewn all across a block of our town… but I didn’t know which block.

And I really don’t want to think about people’s homes that have been broken into and what a horrible feeling of violation that must be.

Thankfully we have a very caring and helpful police department.

Thankfully the cash hungry thief didn’t recognize my cash when he saw it.

Thankfully everything from my purse was returned, except my camera.

Thankfully my cell phone has an okay camera until I can replace my stolen one.

Thankfully there are thankfullys to my story.

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