Take your child to work day

For the last week or so, Luke has been asking to go to work with me. I thought it was sweet, and this morning I agreed that he could come with me while Cindy was doing some grocery shopping. He quickly sat at my desk and took over:


Apparently that was just for show, though, because he immediately turned around revealed that he had ulterior motives for coming to the office. He figured that if he came to work with me that he could get unregulated time on the office computer!


He was a little upset when he realized that I actually expected him to help me out with a few things, but he got over it and was a great little helper. Mommy came to the office with lunch just in time 🙂

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  1. Tell the truth. You brought him to work for fear of being left alone with angry wasps! 🙂 By the way, I learned something new from you (don’t trip over your ego). I always thought it was “alterior motive.”

    1. Post

      No wasps lately. I’d give you credit for alterior motive… that spelling makes sense. I ain’t gud enuff et grammer an spellin to make fun of ya no way.

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