Tales from my camera phone…

I was going through the pictures on my phone the other day and I evidently have never done that, because there were a lot and spanned about 2 years!

They aren’t the best quality, of course, but they were fun to look through. They went all the way back to I think Daniel’s Kindergarten year! He really wanted to do the Sling Shot thing at the mall. He got all strapped in and shot super high in the air. He loved it!

I absolutely love this picture from our beach trip- I think a year and a half ago now!

This is one of my very favorite Luke pictures. He fell in love with the Christmas train at Target and asked for it every time we went in the store. This is the day where he discovered the Christmas decorations were back out. We had to stand there and watch that train go round and round for a while every time we visited Target!

Here’s Daniel in a flight simulator during his First Grade field trip to the Space center.

Luke swinging at the park.

Pretending to be Buzz Lightyear.

Daniel with one of the tigers at our local shopping center. J He kept asking for a picture with them and I finally gave in!

Daniel and I out at dinner.

Dan and Daniel out at dinner.

The boys with the Cat in the Hat at the outlet mall.

This is from last week as Luke and I were headed to grocery shop:

I turned around and went back home and let him nap. He’s stopped napping, so if he falls asleep- I let him!

I loved looking back at our adventures camera phone style.  Now maybe I should clear some of those pictures out!

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