The Four Year Old Interview…

Our little man is still super proud to be FOUR!! We walked in to a hair place to get Daniel a haircut the other day and Luke waltzes in and announces “Daniel needs a haircut, not me or Mommy just Daniel. I’m four. Have you ever had fours before?” It was rather hilarious.

He LOVES our dog, Jack

I decided to interview Luke, so that I could remember his loves at age four. This is a good little summary of Luke’s loves. And I’m almost embarrassed to write out his answer to the last question, but… well…. It’s true. J

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV?    Backyardigans and Mater

What do you like to eat?    Chicken nuggets, French fries, and lemonade

What is your favorite fruit?    Strawberries and grapes

What is your favorite toy?    Superman {He’s in LOVE with Imaginext toys and this is all he talked about before he got it!}               

You’re my favorite Mommy

Thank you. J

What is your favorite color? Blue and red

What do you like to do at school?    Play puzzles

Who do you like to play with?    Chase and Addison (from school)

Where is your favorite place to go?    Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s…. I like restaurants.

Coloring a Backyardigans color by number

Luke keeps us laughing and shaking our heads every day. He is funny and rough and sweet all wrapped into one.

His preschool teacher usually has at least one Luke story to tell me every day. Like when he had to choose chocolate or vanilla ice cream for snack. He chose chocolate and ate it down to the last bite and then said, “I don’t like chocolate, I want vanilla.” Ha! I think he just wanted 2 cups of ice cream. J

His finished masterpieces J

He’s all of a sudden into patterned socks, instead of his usual white socks. So, I bought him a pack a striped socks the other day when we went shopping. He came out of his room the other night {at 10:00 no less!} holding 3 pair of striped socks and said with big eyes and in an excited voice, “These socks are perfect for me!” Super cute, but why are you up at 10:00??

I think he was up at 10:00, because we need to get rid of his nap. This makes me sad. Ha!

He loves to eat {if you can’t tell from his interview}. He is always asking what’s for the next meal or snack. And he usually has a cup of lemonade on hand.

He is such a little rough guy. We’ve always called him Bamm Bamm, because he is so strong and his ‘love pats’ can seem like hits. Daniel got hit in the eye with the handlebar of his bike the other day and Luke was mad. He announced in his tough guy voice “I’m going to go hit that bike! And send it to jail!” He was so upset for his brother that he was going to take care of it!

He is also full of kisses and hugs and ‘I love you’ and ‘you’re my best friend’ all day.

He’s our Luke~ our big four year old~ and we wouldn’t trade him for anything!

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