The Reading Habit…

A few weeks (months?) back I mentioned that I really want to get back into the reading habit, but for some reason I was having a hard time. Well, I’m proud to say that I’ve read 3 books over the past 2 months. This may not be a lot for many, but for me it’s pretty darn good. J I think I may be back in the habit again.

I started off reading Jan Karon’s In the Company of Others. I love Jan Karon and devoured her Mitford series. Honestly, I had a hard time getting going with this book. I made myself plug through the first 50 or so pages and then I really got into it. The old journal bits were not that interesting to me, but I enjoyed the story.

Then I read The Hunger Games. I had read that this was a good book or I never would have picked it up. The subject matter (a fight to the death) didn’t seem like something I would want to read, but really enjoyed this book! It was an easy read and I can’t wait to read the next 2 in the series. I usually get my books from the library, but I might have to buy the next book in this series because the person that checked it out is 2 months late returning it to the library!

Next I read Something Borrowed, because I saw that it was coming to theaters. I really liked this one too. Again, the subject matter is not cool (sleeping with your best friend’s fiance!), but I really liked the main character, just not what she was doing.  Maybe I like chick lit and didn’t even know it! It’s a chick flick in book form.

Now I’ve got several books on my list of books that I want to read:

Maybe this will be a summer of reading for me!

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