This {past} week…

Like all weeks , this past one was full of big things and small… ups and downs… trivial and not so trivial…

*I took my newest favorite picture of my two kiddos.

I know they are mine, but I sure do think they super cute kids!

*Dan went before the Board of Ordained Ministry and was approved as elder in full connection! Big news for my hard working hubby! Can’t wait for his Ordination ceremony in June! Congrats, babe!!

*Dan ended up getting the flu. Again. Unbelievable really. He was able to get into the Dr. and get Tamiflu this time, so it hasn’t been as bad as… I dunno… when he had it 5 weeks ago!!

*my kid’s ate smiley toast for breakfast.

*It rained and was cold every day. Ugh. I am not enjoying winter this year. I’m much more of a warm weather person than I realized! I’ve spent entirely too many years living in Florida to put up with cold weather now!

*My kids haven’t played outside in a week! This is never good. J Actually, they have been really good, but little boys need to RUN!

*the boys wanted their picture made with their Daddy when he got home from church Sunday night. They were already in their jammies.

Can you tell that they pick out their own pajamas? How many different patterns can they mix?

*Luke learned how to work the TiVo remote. Lord help us all.

*We busted out the Cars cars and car mat this week for Luke. Ever since he got Mater’s Tall Tales DVD for his birthday, he’s really been into Mater and the gang. And he has had Cars on repeat in the car for a while now. He’s loving it. J Daniel was really into Cars at the age too.

*Daniel has a report due next week on what career he wants when he grows up. He was trying to decide between Policeman, Pastor and Exterminator. Ha! This completely cracked me up. They have to dress up like their career choice, so I think he was wanting to wear a mullet wig and some leather. Ha! Too much Billy the Exterminator anyone?
{By the way, he chose Pastor}

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  1. Love the picture of the boys! Policemen, pastors and exterminators are all similar if you think about it: getting rid of criminals, getting rid of sins, getting rid of bugs….okay, maybe it’s a stretch! 🙂

    1. They are helping professions too… help you stay safe, help with your spiritual walk, help keep bugs out of your house. Ha! I dunno. That kid cracks me up!

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