Togetherness, lots of togetherness…

Well, we are on day two of being iced in. I might should actually put quotation marks around “iced in” today. I was really surprised that they canceled school again today, but they were afraid of black ice around here, so… we’re at home… again.

I should have taken pictures yesterday, because there actually were icicles hanging from the boys bikes. Today, you can see melting ice on the trees, but that’s about it.

So, last week we finally went back to school after a BIG Christmas break {19 days for D3, 20 for L & me} Daniel went 3 days and Luke and I went 1 day. Now this week is going to look the same~ Daniel 3 days, Luke and I one. So in a month’s time D3 will have gone to school 6 days and Luke and I 2. Two. That’s crazy. And don’t forget the fact that during Christmas break between snow, rain and flu, the kids barely were able to play outside and now we’ve been iced in. Uhmm…. Let me just say…

Little boys need to run outside!

We have managed to stay busy with LOTS of pajama time, computer time, Wii time, puzzle time, TV time, Lego time, game time, Imaginext toy time {Luke is in LOVE with Imaginext stuff}, snacking on junk time, hot chocolate drinking time, etc….

And yes, my child has food on his face in this picture… again.

We’ve had lots of good time together, but I’m ready for school. I just MAY be a little stir crazy. Just MAYBE.

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