We Go Out Walkin’…

Daniel takes Karate a couple of times a week at the local sports center. Luke and I have sat in the room and watched Daniel practice his karate moves and entertained ourselves for the entire school year. Now that the weather is warmer, we sometimes sit on a little patio outside of Daniel’s room and enjoy the fresh air while we do things like color and read and play Angry Birds.

Well, Luke spotted the track that goes all away around the complex and really wanted to walk it. Goodness knows I need all the exercise I can get, so off we went. Luke was moving at a pretty good little speed. This should really not surprise me in the least.

He saw a couple of people run through the woods for a small section of the track. It catches right back up on the path. So, Mr. ‘I must explore every trail I see’ just had to check it out.

I love his confident little strut as he led me through the trail.

It turns out that the entire track is 1 mile. That’s a bit of a walk for a 4 year old, so my trusty side-kick plopped down on the ground.

This was the day of the Easter Egg Hunt at school, so that would explain the snake painted on his face. J

Daniel felt left out of our adventure, so we took him back the next day to show him what it looks like when people walk for their health. What a novel idea.

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