Wrapping Up October…

I really can’t believe October has come and gone. It just flew for us.

We finished out our October with lots of fun Halloweeny things.

We carved our pumpkin…

We did all sorts of fun things up at the lake, including campsite Trick or Treating.

The boys always have a ball up at the lake for Halloween. They have games and hayrides and fried food that is too good. And they always rack up on the best candy during the Trick or Treat time. They are so generous to the boys there.

As much as I would have loved to have skipped Trick or Treating on actual Halloween (they had SO much candy from the lake!) we, of course, went. One of Daniel’s good buddies always has a Halloween party and then the kids TOT as a group. The boys had a ball.

Daniel was a ninja this entire Halloween season. Isn’t it beautiful? J It’s for sure an 8 year old boy thing!

Luke had to retire Scooby Doo and dressed as a pirate.

And just for fun, here is Daniel as a pirate when he was four:

As much as I love Halloween, I am ready to put it behind us. I’m hoping to replace it it with lots of talk about thankfulness!

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