At five…

It’s official.  Luke is five.  He had his 5 year old shots this week to prove it.  He is set for Kindergarten and thrilled to have no more shots until he’s 12.  I am going to have such a hard time with this one going to Kindergarten.  I can’t believe my baby is so big!

The first time I started to ask him questions, he told me: “My talk is all out of batteries.”  Ha!  That is so Luke.  His batteries got charged and he answered my questions the other day.  So, here are Luke’s favorites at 5!

food: chicken nuggets and french fries and strawberries

drink: sweet tea

song: My Girl and All Day  {thanks, Daniel}

color: red

TV show: Batman {the 1960’s one :)} and Octonauts

game: Daniel’s DS

restaurant: all of them

thing at school:  playing on the playground

book: Jack & Annie {Magic Treehouse books}

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