At nine…

My Daniel is nine years old now. He is such a sweet and smart and caring boy. I can almost smell preteenhood. I’m not sure I’m ready!! He told me the other day that he wanted a Bop magazine, because one of his friends had one and it was so cool. Oh, dear. He was very cooperative with telling me his favorites this time!

Provino’s shrimp alfredo  {I’m not sure of the name, but he shared some with his daddy one time and apparently loved it ;)}

Laredo’s {local Mexican place}

My Girl  {Ugh, it’s on repeat in his room~ and what are they? 12? And texting their girlfriend.  That so sounded like someone’s old mother.  Ha!}

tv show:
Phineas and Ferb

Lego Star Wars the Padawan Menace

Star Wars the Complete Saga for the DS

subject: Math

I love Karate!


Color: Blue

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