Cabinets and Pianos and Laundry, oh my…

My sad little blog. I hear it calling to me through the week, wanting me to come over and post ~ but I just tell it to take a number! Ha! I do so want to blog and keep up with the ever so interesting details of our little lives, but I’m finding it difficult this school year.

I’ve managed to waste some hours staring at screens keeping up with some of the blogs I like to read, pinning things on Pinterest {love it!} and lugging my iPad around with me and watching Downton Abbey as I do chores.

Yes, it comes on PBS. And yes, it’s a Masterpiece Classic. And yes, my husband made fun of me as I was watching it, but I really like it! I had a hard time getting into the first episode, but once I watched the first episode through I was hooked!! The first season is on Netflix and the second season is on

I started watching it a few Saturdays ago as the boys in I ventured into the kitchen to help Dan get ready to paint. We have an absurd amount of drawers and cabinet handles.

Daniel literally getting into his job

And don’t tell Daniel, since I don’t want to offend him, but Luke wins the workhorse award. That child unscrewed cabinet doors and put the screws back in when we were done. He did about 6 doors in the time Daniel did 2. Well, probably in the time I could have done 2!

The kitchen is slowly, but surely getting there. It’s a lot better than the dark brown cave that it was!

Last weekend, we received a ton of furniture from my parents. They are downsizing and gave us so much stuff {thanks again!!}. So, last weekend we loaded and unloaded a uhaul {okay, I did very little loading and unloading}.

Please ignore the dings and dust, but we now have the piano that I grew up playing. This poor piano has been manhandled to countless houses over lots of years. It’s needing some TLC, but we’re so excited to have it!

Daniel has even taken my first piano book and read through the beginning and taught himself a couple of songs. He’s loving it. Now, I need someone else to encourage correct finger position, because this child gets frustrated with his mother!  🙂

Alright, I have officially been a stay at home mom and a working mom. And I have to say~ they are both so hard!! This working mom thing is a hard gig. I enjoy it, but I feel like I can’t keep up. I’ve taught super part-time since Daniel was two, but this 5 days a week, almost all day {I technically only work 30 hours a week 😉 } stuff has a learning curve. I’ve never exactly been on top of all of my household duties, but I’m finding it super hard now. I don’t know how women do it! I will say that if I get a full time job in a classroom next year {please, oh please} we’re putting housecleaning help in the budget! It is just not what I want to deal with! If I’m not working or planning I want to be spending time with my family, not scrubbing or folding! Ugh! Okay, vent over and I must go do laundry and clean the kitchen and dust my new piano and….

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