Changes and Catch up…

The Simply Cindy household is anything but simple these days! Simplicity will enter our lives again soon, I hope, but for now~ it’s a bit not simple.

For most of the month of March, Dan and I were on pins and needles. We knew that we were going to find out at some point in March if we were being moved or not. Waiting was so stressful! Every time the phone rang, we thought we might be getting a call. We put our trust in God, but I kept struggling with the stress of the situation. We finally found out that we will indeed be moving this summer. We have been in this same area for 6 years now, so it’s just about all my kids know. We’re moving to a nice area about 40 minutes from the beach. So, that will be great.

In the meantime, we’re trying to get our house market-ready and that is also a stressful situation! So, cleaning supplies, paint brushes and packing tape have become my new friends.

Lots of changes though~ selling or renting our house, finding a new job for me, new area, new school for the boys. It’s exciting and scary and happy and sad and everything rolled into one.

I did manage to finish out my March photo a day prompts. I’m not doing this in April, but maybe I’ll pick back up in May.

My funny dog goes to bed every night about 7:00. He goes to Daniel’s bed and takes over until Daniel arrives later.

Our before/after popcorn~ our favorite TV watching snack.

Delicious cookies at the store. Dan loves those Lofthouse cookies.

My kitchen sink without a pile of dishes~ it’s a small miracle. 😉

The teeny, tiny moon. My kiddos are wanting to be outside all the time now, past the point where the moon begins to join them.

Daniel gave Luke the Ellie stuffed animal when he was born. Luke still sleeps with it at night 5 years later!

My kiddos love when I mix peanut butter and chocolate Cheerios for breakfast!

My key ring. The header that should be on blog, instead of the winter one still~ showing my name.

Luke and his new lego toy from the Lego store.

My feet with my new flower sandals that I’m loving. J

My newest favorite place to relax~ our oversized, super comfy chair!

I need to post a few pictures from our Easter, but that will have to wait for another day~ I hear cleaning supplies calling my name!

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