Christmas Victory: Snap Circuits Jr.

Christmas shopping for our 9 year old was easy this year. He made a list. We checked it twice. We knew that he would have a pretty cool Christmas. Cindy and I wanted to get him something, though, that would stretch his mind a little and encourage his scientific mind. In order to do this, we had to go off the list:


Well, Daniel loves it. It has come in as a surprise Christmas present victory. Snap Circuits Jr. is a modular circuit construction set with several projects you can build to learn how electricity works. He can pop in different modules for different effects. There is a light, a fan, a speaker, and several other modules that he connects with wires and switches. This is a great father/son activity.

It reminds me of my old science fair projects that my dad helped me set up… I set up a circuit like this and ran the wires into a glass of various liquids to see which ones conducted electricity. I remember how cool I thought that was. It seems that kids of this generation find it to be just as cool to play with electricity.

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