Eye-Fi: Cool Camera Technology

I like technological gizmos. They come with a lot of wires. I do not like wires because it seems like I am constantly fighting with them and trying to find the right ones. Cindy really doesn’t like wires because they make an ugly mess. So we go wireless whenever we can.

A while back, Cindy tried to tell me about a memory card that goes in your camera, and automatically uploads pictures to your computer. I didn’t believe her. I don’t know how I missed this wonderful little Eye-Fi device:

It was not hard to set up. If we turn the camera on in range of our wireless network, it will automatically upload the pictures to our computer. It can also send it to an ftp server, or an image service. Very cool!

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    By the way, you can also set it up to send images to your android/ios device if no wi-fi is available. It always takes the wi-fi connection, first, though.

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