In a week’s time…

What a week we have had! We are all moved in and I think we will be unpacking boxes for a while!

Getting here was a crazy adventure involving loud partiers at a hotel, fleas, sleeping on floors, never ending packing, dead batteries, a rabies shot the minute we hit the new area (thankfully for the dog   🙂 ), a quiet hotel, loads of people at the new house to help move in, a stocked fridge and pantry, homemade cookies and lunch and dinner delivered by our fabulous congregation. Whirlwind is an understatement. It was honestly awful getting here, but it has been great since we have arrived.
My parents took Daniel and Luke on vacation with them for the week last week and that was so awesome. The boys had a ball and missed out on the rough travels here.

Here are a few glimpses into our week this past week:


My dad texted me pics of the boys all through the week, which was fun!  Here they are above at the Braves game.  They got to run the bases afterwards too, which is pretty cool.


They stayed in Atlanta for a couple of days and went to the Aquarium one day.  The boys loved it there!  {And hopefully behaved~ it sure does look Daniel has Luke in a choke-hold ;-)}


My parents and the boys stopped by the new house on their way down to the beach.  They got to see that their stuff did make the move and then they headed down to tons of fun at the condo.  Dan and I even snuck down their one afternoon/evening.  Who could resist our little fellows calling and asking if we could come see the “lazy river?”  Not us!  Especially after days and days of packing and loading and unloading and unpacking.  It was a fun little break.


The boys are back home now and one of my new favorite views is from the kitchen window.  We have a nice yard with great farm views and I love seeing my boys running around in the yard.

We celebrated Dan’s birthday with a big seafood lunch, homemade birthday banners and ice cream sundaes {shown extremely blurrily above}

We are also on a park tour this summer.  There are several parks near us, so we have made a list and are checking it off~ seeing which one the kiddos like best.

What a week!  Sometimes nothing much happens in a week’s time and other weeks whole worlds are changed.  It has definitely been a world changing week for us!!


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  1. We enjoyed our time with the boys. Yes, they were behaved and no Daniel does not have Luke in a head lock:) We all know the reaction Luke would have had it that were true. LOL

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