Life’s a Happy Song…

We have been listening to The Muppets soundtrack in the car lately.


On the way to drop Daniel off at school the other morning, We Built This City came on and I had this vivid memory of my mom driving me to elementary school and this song playing. Well, except it was when this song was first released. 🙂 It was a neat moment.

A few days later we were listening again and the boys started singing the barbershop quartet’s version of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Well, I decided Daniel needed to hear the real thing to get why this was funny. So, I turned the Nirvana version on for the kiddos (I know, parenting at it’s best). Daniel looked like he didn’t know what to make of it. Luke, however, starts jumping up and down and head banging. As if he had been taught how. I found it both awesome and concerning at the same time. 🙂

Daniel has made his way through an entire beginning piano book and taught himself several songs. He can even play a song that requires both the left hand and the right hand. He still hasn’t mastered finger position, but he does a great job~ especially considering he has taught himself. He wants to play this song that he taught himself for the school talent show. Dan thinks it’s a great idea and signed the permission slip. He does impress me with his self taught skills (and confidence)!!

Luke is our little jukebox around here.  He is always singing.  I’m convinced there is a song running through his head at all times!  He is still singing Christmas songs.  In May!  Feliz Navidad being his favorite.  He also enjoys singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas through the grocery store.  And if you know Luke, then you know it’s loud.  The boy has no volume control.  We tend to get quite the looks these days.  🙂

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