Luke’s 100 Day and Graduation…

Luke has had quite the busy week already and it’s not even over! My little man is in his last week of preschool and I can’t even believe that our preschool days are done. So sad. Preschool is my fav. Maybe I can get back there, since my kids have to grow up and move on. Ha!

Luke’s preschool is 3 days a week, so they just hit 100 days on Monday. They did all sorts of cute activities including answering questions about different 100 things. I’m loving his answers {well, maybe not in love with #1 ;)}:

Such funny and sweet answers~ that’s my Luke!

Yesterday, Luke had water play at school and then graduated last night. To say he was excited would be an understatement. He was pumped!

I’m loving his graduation picture. The resource teacher at his school took the pictures and they are just awesome.

My pictures from actual graduation are a little blurry. My child is in constant motion!

Bless his heart, his head is ginormous like his mother and they had his cap on his head so tight. After he got his diploma he fell down the steps! Now, I worked at the preschool for 5 years and have never had a kid fall down the steps. But, there went Luke. His cap fell off, so they stuck it on him the best they could. Fortunately, he came up smiling like this:

He got to choose anywhere to eat dinner as his graduation surprise. The boy loves a restaurant. Without even hesitating, he chose “the peanut place” aka Logan’s.

Such a special time for such a sweet boy. He really is very ready for Kindergarten, I’m just not sure about his momma!!

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  1. Well…you might not like his answer to question #1..but his answer to the last question, had to make you happy! 🙂 🙂 reading that he fell down the steps made me laugh at loud! That.is.hilarious.
    can’t believe that little boy has grown up so fast and his preschool days are over! where does the time go? I’ve enjoyed watching him grow up with Davis!

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