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I have seriously been having dreams about counting coins lately. Oh the joys of being a teacher! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’re working on counting money in 2nd grade math and my word, it’s consuming my thoughts! Ha! Other things consuming my thoughts:
Taylor Swift’s new song. Love, love it!! I think it was the background music in my coin counting dream last night.

Oooo… I had never seen the video until I looked it up for this post. Cutie pie Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights is in it! I miss that show. Best show ever.

Oh, and apparently Miley Cyrus has a country song. Who knew? Everyone but me, possibly?

I can’t get that video to center on the screen and that is really bothering me.

Dan has been painting our kitchen cabinets and they look great, but it has been taking forever {sorry babe, but it has}. His schedule is so crazy, so he’s only been able to work a bit here and there on them. He really has done a ton this weekend though.

Have I mentioned that Luke got his 5 year old shots last week and is now set for {and excited about} Kindergarten? I’m sure to mention it a few hundred more times between now and August when I become a sobbing blob because my baby is 5. He was just my baby in the basket yesterday, I’m almost positive.

A new family moved into our neighborhood and they have 4 children. My kids are beyond thrilled. They’ve never had kids nearby to play with, so this is a nice treat.

That baby picture is killing me. Look at those cheeks and little lips. Oh my goodness. Somebody give me a baby for a minute to rock and then give back.

I’ve started having the boys fold and put away their own laundry. If they get done with their clothes and cleaning their rooms {and maybe another chore or two} they can watch America’s Funniest Home videos {or “The Uh Oh Show” as it’s known here}. I’m loving it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m happy that The Voice is back. I really like that show. I plan on it taking over American Idol’s place.

I should really go and get Daniel set up with homework. Joy of joys. Have I ever mentioned my love of homework? Can you hear the sarcasm in my typing?

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