New Wheels…

Well, it was a big day for at least 2 members of the Simply Cindy family yesterday. A couple of us are sporting around on new wheels.

Yesterday morning the boys came in from playing outside to tell me that they had taken the training wheels off of Luke’s bike. I’m not even sure why or HOW, but they did! So, off we went to help Luke ride his bike without training wheels.

And he did it in true Luke fashion.

I was holding the back of his bike to steady him and he starting yelling “Let go of me!” Only Luke. So, I let go and off he went!

I got a video of him riding for the first time with his big brother cheering him on! Love the cheering and the big ole’ smile and that face!!

As I was texting Dan to tell him Luke had a new trick, he pulled up into our driveway in a Hyundai Sonata. The guy drives an old {2001} Chevy Malibu that had absolutely had it. It was in the shop last week and I’ve had to go jump start his car twice in the past couple of weeks {including yesterday morning}, so Dan had had it and went to a car dealership to look for a new car. We went on a test drive with him and ended up going to the dealership and buying the car.

Ugh. My dislike of car buying is enormous!! The sitting and waiting and signing and the nauseating thought of a car payment. Just, ugh. But he now has a pretty {new to him} car that can make it from point A to point B. I was always worried with the other car that he wouldn’t make it where he needed to go!

So, it was a crazy~busy day for us yesterday, full of new wheels.

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