Photo a Day: March {1-6}…

I’ve decided to try and do the photo a day challenge for March. It’s an instagram challenge and I’m not cool enough to have an iphone, but I thought I would still look at the prompts and try to take a picture to match. I am by no means a photographer, but I’m hoping this will get me back in the habit of taking pictures and maybe even blogging!

My kids are obsessed with Andy Grammer’s song, Keep Your Head Up. Fortunately it’s a nice little song.

Luke loves fruit and must have his daily dose of strawberries.

I don’t so much live in a neighborhood as much as on a busy road where I’m not sure people even look at the speed limit sign!

My bedside table is usually a mess and houses my glasses and some books…. Right now one of them is Luke’s beloved Magic Tree House book.

Luke’s sweet smile.

And two days a week I’m sitting and watching Daniel at karate at 5 pm!

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