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Well, blogging in 2012 is non-existant so far! And it’s already the 15th day in – yikes! My first few days of January have been filled with strep throat and trying to get back to work. I had been off for over a month, so getting back into the swing of things has been challenging to say the least! In order to get a blogpost up, I’m going for random. When am I not random? I’m not so sure, but here we go…

* I’m blogging from my ipad for the first time. We will see if I’m capable of such a thing! 🙂

* We started off our year with Daniel getting strep throat and then I was next in line. It’s the total pits and I wish adults could recover as fast a kids!

*Daniel earned his purple belt in karate in December. He’s super proud and really enjoying karate.

* I might should not own up to the fact that I’m a soap fan, but I am and I’m sad that One Life to Live had their last episode Friday! I’ve watched that show my entire life {ratting you out there too, Momma :)} and it’s been my one that I’ve DVR’d since Daniel was born. It’s always been my kid naptime show. No more…

* Daniel got a few gift cards for his birthday and Christmas and was dying to spend them after Christmas. He had $65 and managed to buy $100 worth of Legos and a new game for his DS. That’s my bargain shopper! He was so excited to get 2 huge Lego sets for half off.

*Luke was also excited to use his gift cards… for what else? Batman, of course. They now make Batman legos. After Christmas. Guess who wants them all?


* We went to Golden Corral last night {we haven’t been in ages} and they now have a chocolate fountain that my kiddos thought was the best thing ever. There was ridiculous amounts of chocolate on our children and their plates!
Chocolate covered strawberries for my strawberry lover

*I need a lot more practice on this ipad blogging thing. I’m too used to my computer.

* Have I mentioned my love of teacher blogs? Since I got my new job they are saving me with there awesome activities! That and teacherspayteachers.com.

* Luke is really into The Magic Treehouse books right now. I thought he might want to read a chapter book and I was right. He is loving them. I had book 1 at school, so he wrote me a note the other day to put with my school things, so that I would bring the book home for him.


*That’s all for now!

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  1. Nate has read most of the Magic Treehouse books and has moved on to Encyclopedia Brown. I need to find a cute series for Maggie, as she is now reading chapter books. Any suggestions?

    1. Post

      Junie B. Jones- as long as she doesn’t talk like her. 🙂 Cam Jansen- Daniel enjoyed those. Nancy Drew has new books, but I don’t know much about those. That’s all I can think of off of the top of my head.

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