The First Day…

Monday was the first day of school and I think every family member was excited and a little nervous!

It was a brand new school for both kids and Kindergarten for Luke!! Luke has a hard time with new things, so I was a little nervous with how he would do.

I thought my boys looked so handsome in their new uniforms and big smiles! Luke is super proud of his dinosaur backpack and matching lunchbox.

Daniel said it looked like I was taking mug shots! 🙂

Dan took the boys to school, because we thought Luke would have a harder time with me dropping him off.

The poor little dude had a hard morning. He hysterically cried when Dan left him and the Reading teacher took him to her office to play and calm down before he went to class.  😥 The principal was awesome with him, she really wanted him to have a positive school experience and took time with him that morning helping him calm down and be okay in his classroom. I was a little upset that he was having a rough morning, but I was so pleased that he was being taken care of and loved on to help him adjust. The principal called Dan a couple of times~ first to say Luke wasn’t calming down yet, but they were working with him and then mid-morning to say that he finally calmed down and was doing great.

Oh my goodness, what a morning. It wasn’t easy for me send my baby off to Kindergarten anyway and then for him to be so upset was tough! The principal was going to meet him at the car for drop off Tuesday to walk him to class herself, but she didn’t need to. Luke bopped out of the car and right to his class… AND came running to the car at pick up saying “Awesome!” What a relief!!! He did great this morning also!

Luke was telling me about his first day and I thought his voice sounded a little different, so I had him look at me… and he was missing a tooth! He had a loose tooth and said he pulled it himself at PE, but didn’t tell anyone! He stuck it in his pocket and lost it. Daniel wrote a note for him to put under his pillow that night.  😀 It was quite a day of firsts for my little man!!

Daniel has had a great week! He is loving his class and is such a happy go lucky kiddo and sweet boy!

I think we might survive this first week afterall!!

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