The Last Days of School & Happy Summer…

We are officially on Summer Break! All of us are out of school now. This has been one of the fastest school years that I can remember.

Daniel had Award’s Day on Monday and received his All A’s for the year award. We are super proud of him!!

As a side note, I really need to get back to taking my real camera with me everywhere, because this week has been documented on my subpar camera phone.

On Tuesday, Daniel received his green belt in Karate. First, it was family Karate. Luke joined him and loved every minute of it!

Can you tell he is one of the younger ones at his belt rank? You can hardly see him back there! 🙂

Thursday was Daniel’s last day of school and the Talent Show.

I’ve mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that he wanted to play a song he taught himself on the piano in the talent show. He did a great job! The poor child has parents that record his life on their phones instead of camcorders like normal people, so the video is grainy as anything, but you can still tell it’s Daniel.


I was so proud of him. He wasn’t nervous at all!

Luke and I made a banner for the door for the boys to bust through when Daniel got home.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be fun. It turns out packing paper fits perfectly as a banner on a door frame. Way to use our packing supplies!  🙂

I took Daniel’s last day of school pic and compared it with the first day. I can’t get over how much he has matured in 9 months!

And here is Luke’s:

My little guys are growing up!!

I’m looking forward to a fun-filled summer. It will be a busy one, that’s for sure!

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