The winding down of summer…

Summer has come to an end and the kiddos are heading to school in the morning. I’m both ready and not. I’ve enjoyed our time together this summer and am not ready for my littlest man to head to Kindergarten! I think I could handle another year at home with him. 🙂 He’s ready though. I’m curious to see how he reacts in the morning…. I’m not sure he will go easily.

The last part of our summer has involved a lot of chillin’ indoors~ thanks to hot temps and daily thunderstorms. It’s been crazy!

We also had a quick trip up to the lake.


I am now halfway to 70 as my dad so nicely pointed out on my birthday. 🙂

Poor little Luke caught a fever virus twice in two weeks. He was miserable, but thankfully it didn’t last long either time.

We got together the boys school supplies which was an insane amount of stuff. They always kept the list fairly short where we lived before, but not here! We had to buy uniform clothes too. Daniel was not too thrilled with the uniform idea.

The boys are warming right up to the new area. Daniel has already gone to two different boys houses to play. He was super excited to find out that he is in the same class as one of his church buddies. It should be a pretty cool year for him. His class is an inquiry based class and he will share a table with one other child and they will share a computer. I’m excited to see how this goes!
Daniel was running around the school like he owned it by the end of meet your teacher the other night. Luke…not so much. He was super excited all day long until we got there.  A lot of people and activity really shuts him down, so he wanted no part of it. He finally warmed up and went in to met his new teacher. He already knows a little girl in his room from church and our neighbor will be in another K class, so that may be helpful!

Bad self portraits before Meet the Teacher  🙂

Well, summer is done and fall is here…ready or not!

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