I think I might have mentioned a time or two on the ole blog, that I’m a country music lover. Ha! Only a few hundred. I think you either get country music or you don’t and I really get it. I think I always have. I just love it~ old, new, twangy and not so twangy.

I’ve always been a big Vince Gill fan. I was really crazy about him in the 90’s and not only did I really like his music~ I thought he was super cute. Well, I will never live down the reaction I apparently gave when my parents pointed out that he was 20 years older than me and was much closer to their age. Evidently I was a bit horrified. Ha! I think I quickly got over that horror. 🙂


My dad met Vince at some sort of golf tournament somewhere, I don’t remember the details. But I do remember that my dad shared with him my shock of how old he was when I found out. Thanks, Dad!

I still like Vince Gill (and I still think he’s cute!) and all of his songs from my teenage years and beyond. Well, my sweet hubby gave me tickets to a Vince Gill concert for Valentine’s Day. I was so excited! I saw him in concert 20 years ago (Dear goodness, how am I old enough to have been attending concerts as a teenager 20 years ago?!?!) Anyway, I got really close to the front 20 years ago and took a bunch of pictures that I developed and put on the mirror in my room. 🙂

Last weekend was our concert weekend. The boys went up to stay with my parents at the lake and we were extremely lazy all day Saturday, went to dinner, and then to a grown up concert. We sat down. The whole time. I think that’s a first in concert going for me. 🙂 We were on the first row of the balcony and I’m afraid I would have fallen to my death if I would have stood up anyway.

The concert was awesome! It was a perfect, understated country show. Vince, a band, stories and songs. Lots and lots of songs. He played for over an hour, took an intermission and played for about another hour and a half. It was 3 hours of a bazillion songs from his 30 year career. So much fun. I loved every bit of it. {Thanks for the tickets, babe!}

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