Daniel at 10…

Daniel is a whole decade now! It’s hard for me to believe, of course.

He’s such a sweet, friendly boy and here are some of his favorites at 10:
Color: black
TV show: Duck Dynasty
Place: Disney World– he is ours for sure!
Food: Creamy Italian Chicken
Drink: lemonade
Restaurant: El Paso
Part of school: P.E.
Book: Star Wars the Clone Wars character encyclopedia
Thing to play: Legos and figures


He’s such a smart boy and is doing well in school. He seems to be fitting right in at the new school. He ran his second 5K this weekend and beat his last time by 6 minutes. They have a running club at his school and he really enjoys being a part of that.

Daniel loves our new church and is enjoying the children’s choir. He’s playing Jesus in the upcoming program. He has so many lines to memorize!!  He’s also still teaching himself piano and doing very well.
He started wearing glasses about 6 weeks ago. We knew that day would eventually come! Thankfully a lot of his friends wear glasses also, so it’s not that big of a deal. He still loves the computer and reading. He likes watching Ninja Turtles (and being silly) with his little brother.

Daniel is a kind boy, is fun to be around, and has been a joy as a part of our family this past decade!

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  1. I know a certain cousin who is going to have so much fun with him! Daniel and Nate have so much in common! Can’t wait to see you guys!

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