Luke at six…

Luke is 6!! I know I always say it, but I can’t believe it! Time flies as a momma! He’s such a sweet, spunky boy. I asked him a few questions and here are his answers:

color: blue and red
food: There’s a lot of good stuff. Spaghetti and Chicken nuggets & French fries
drink: sweet tea

toy: Everything that I got for Christmas and my birthday!
TV show: Scooby Doo
book: Skippyjon Jones and Pete the Cat

restaurant: The Mexican restaurant
part of the school day: playground, no time to leave actually

Luke continues to bring such joy and laughter to our family! He’s such a funny and noisy boy. He is constantly humming or singing or playing the piano or playing with toys…loudly!  He’s full of hugs and kisses and a stubborn streak a mile long. He loves music and studies the band at church on Sunday mornings. He just loves them! We call him the animal whisperer as well. Animals are drawn to him and he loves them all. He still loves Batman and is starting to get into Legos. He is doing well in school and takes it so seriously. This is such a relief!  He’s such a fun member of the family and we love him very much!!

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