Summer, month one…

We have been taking full advantage of summer this year. The kids are even sleeping in to 8:00, which is a big deal around here. I’ve starting inching up their bedtimes, though, so that the start of school won’t be quite so traumatic. Is that even possible?

We’ve gone back to our old faithful Summer Chart this year. The boys requested it and came up with most of the activities.

I actually changed this up a bit after I took the picture. Instead of days of the week, I have a Project, Library, Food Project, Field Trip, and Journal labels. We choose one thing from the 3 categories with choices at the beginning of the week and try to get those things done through the week. We also go to the library (we went a TON in June) and the boys write about their favorite thing of the week in their Summer Journal.

Right before we began our summer, our littlest man {who is entirely too big these days!} graduated Kindergarten.

We kicked off summer with a Lady Antebellum concert. It was super fun and everyone enjoyed themselves!

Favorites of week one:

Daniel~ Going swimming at a friend’s house and the day we went to Bass Pro Shop and had a popcorn bar.

Luke~ Popcorn candy bar

Daniel at Bass Pro Shops~ no pics of popcorn & candy 🙂

We had a garden for a brief amount of time this Spring/Summer. A sweet church member tilled and planted for us, but it was so big it soon became overwhelming and overgrown. Before that sad occurrence, we had a nice crop of snap beans. Luke decided to pick a bunch, bag them, and sell them at the church yard sale.

He sold all 4 bags in about 10 minutes, split the money with his brother and then sold his $2 for $3. Watch out for your wallets if Luke is near!

Favorites of week two:

Daniel~ When my friend came over to play.

Luke~ When I went to play at my friend’s house.

We took a fun trip to a nearby city for a picnic one day. We went to the park for a little while, before it got too hot. We ate a picnic lunch by the bay and stuck our feet in for a little bit, before driving around and stopping at the library. My boys LOVE the library. We went to a lot of the summer library programs and Luke even read to the library dog. He loves that dog!

We went and visited my parents also and Luke rode a horse. I need to get the pictures from that day! They are on my mom’s phone.

Favorites of week three:

Daniel~ Going to the creek and watching Luke ride a horse.

Luke~ Going to Buffalo Wild Wings.

We haven’t made nearly enough trips down to the beach, but the boys and I went down one day by ourselves. It was fun! Minus me missing my back with sunscreen for the first thirty or so minutes that we were there and then having such a yucky sunburn that I was sick for the next couple of days. Good grief!


Favorites of week four:

Daniel~ Helping make frames at church and going to the Wharf and seeing the light show.

Luke~ Going to the Wharf and dancing.

We have moved our Contemporary Service at church into the gym. Before we did that we made and put up sound panels. Daniel went up and put in a full day and a half of work on those panels and was very proud of himself.

We also met the Children’s Ministry out at the Wharf for their summer light show. All of the kids had a ball!! They were dancing and finished off the night with ice cream. All of my pictures from the actual show are a blur of dancing.  😀 We got there early {that’s a first!}, so Dan and the boys rode the Ferris wheel. Luke wanted no part of it to begin with, but then decided he didn’t want to miss out and just made it before they took off.

Well, I think that’s enough of a recap for now! Summer, month two… coming soon!

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