I have been married to my wonderful husband, Dan for 11 years now. I couldn’t ask for a better husband or father for my children!
We have two wonderful little boys. Daniel is a very smart & very sweet 9 year old. Luke is a very sweet and very spunky 5 year old.
I teach K-2 reading and math part time and I like to try and keep things simple!
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  1. Cindy, I don’t have my own blog but came upon yours some time ago and had it saved in my favorites and was just catching up. I am 55 and hope to be a grandma from my 21 and 25 year olds daughters some day when their time is right. In the meantime I enjoy reading blogs of mothers with young children. It brings back wonderful memories when I was raising my daughters Those pictures of your boys after church the other day are soooo sweet.

    Any rate, noting that you are pre-school teacher and that cute alphabet book that you posted a little bit of, do you have a book that use use for your craft ideas. My 21 year old just started teaching preschool and is working on lesson plans etc and wonder what suggestions you draw from. She is teaching 2’s. Thanks.

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    Thank you for your sweet comment.
    I get ideas from lots of different places and a lot of them online. The pics from the ABC book (which I have yet to finish!) mostly came from my 3 year old’s teacher last year. He came home with the cutest artwork! The Mailbox Magazine { http://www.theeducationcenter.com/tec/afc/home/go.do} is really good, although I haven’t subscribed in years. Maybe I should start again! I really like Little Giraffes { http://www.littlegiraffes.com} and Virtual Vine { http://www.thevirtualvine.com }, but those are Kindergarten sites and most of the material might not be suited for 2 year olds. Perpetual Preschool { http://www.perpetualpreschool.com } and Preschool Education { http://www.preschooleducation.com } are good sites as well. I really take advantage of Google and other teacher’s great ideas!
    I’m trying to get a preschool section set up on my blog where I can share ideas. I’m in the beginning stages of that though.
    Hope your daughter enjoys her year.
    Thanks again for the comment!

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